Batu Nakış

Batu Textile (Embroidery) was founded in 2008 by Bahattin KÖPRÜBAŞI.

Batu Textile (Embroidery) continues its rise by renewing itself for years. Batu Tekstil goes at it hammer and tongs to enable the continuity of customer satisfaction by providing high quality service, improving product and service quality, producing higher level of designs out of the expectations of the changing and developing customer potential. In 2017, the latest system provided PLAIN embroidery STAMPED embroidery, SUZENE embroidery with the help of the machines having cutting-edge technology.

Batu Textile (Embroidery) sells many textile products such as PLAIN embroidery, STAMPED embroidery, SUZENE embroidery in its sector both domestically and abroad without any concession from its working principle. Our company has caught a good quality line of management and production understanding and has been well aware of the importance of customer relations and proved its reputation in its sector.

Batu Textile is also very assertive in terms of delivery on the day, as well as high-level designs of embroidery. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction as well as quality production at the highest point by combining our experiences with the best cost and price.

It is always on its way and in full flow to producing the best and the most professional designs for its customers.

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